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1000 children of Vadda community unable to go to school because of food scarcity

Vedda kids in Sri Lanka ( file photo)

Sinhala Daily “Lankadeepa” has revealed in today’s (31) main news that more than a thousand children in 8 villages of Dimbulagala area have given up going to school due to lack of food.

The newspaper has based the relevant news on Dimbulagala Dalukana aboriginal (Vedda)  leader K. Lissinona’s statement. In the face of the current economic chaos, the villagers have become unable to bear the increase in the price of goods and have found it difficult to obtain food. Because of this, according to Lissinona  children have going to the forest in search of edible nuts and yams.

She has said that school children faint and fall in a big way and the officials of the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education have not paid any attention in this regard and that the process of providing food under president’s programme is not happening.

It has been revealed that there are a lot of starving children in the villages of Dimbulagala, Dalukana, Parana Millana, Kolakana Wadia, Yakkure, Pahala Yakkure, Kalu Kale, Elle Vaeva and Kouda Vaeva etc.



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