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Monday, July 22, 2024

Whatever the International Community Says We Will Use The PTA – Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister

Sri Lanka’s minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapaksa says that notwithstanding international opinion the Prevention of Terrorism Act will be used to suppress any terrorist activity in the future. Speaking at the parliament today (18 Nov) the Minister said that “ there are proposals to replace the PTA with a better law with the international standards.  But we will tell (them) very clearly that whatever the international community says we will use the PTA to stop another blood bath in the country.  So far we have not used it. If an such situation to arise we will use harsh law, it will be a draconian law, you may give your interpretations but we will use the law.

One of major the promises of the present  government was to replace the PTA with a better law and govt. has made the same promise to  member countries of the UNHRC as well.

In the same speech minister blamed internet media in general and named lankaenews web site for alleged crime of  defaming the independent judiciary.  He assured the parliament that he will bring the editor of lankaenews Sanadaruwan Senadeera from London to Sri Lanka and file charges against him.

Few weeks ago civil society groups that played a pivotal role in defeating Rajapaksa regime called on the president to remove Minster of Justice Wijadasa Rajapaksa from his post  Mr. Rajapaksa  is not a relative of the former President Rajapaksa.



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