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US statement on Geneva resolution and Sri Lanka’s commitments

 Statement on United States Relations with Sri Lanka.

June 21, 2018:  Secretary Pompeo has announced that the United States  withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council effective June 19, 2018.  Ambassador Keshap met with senior Sri Lankan officials to convey the assurance of the United States Government that we will remain fully engaged with the Sri Lankan Government to help it meet its continuing and standing commitments to the international community to advance the cause of reconciliation and lasting peace for all Sri Lankans.

Sri Lanka co-sponsored with the United States two UN Human Rights Commission Resolutions: 30/1 in 2015 and Resolution 34/1 in 2017, and the United States continues to extend its support to Sri Lanka to fulfill these important commitments and obligations as articulated and reaffirmed in these resolutions.  Sri Lanka’s continued progress toward fulfillment of these international commitments will facilitate further growth of our bilateral relations and enhance Sri Lanka’s ability to engage with friends and partners around the world.

We will follow Sri Lanka’s progress closely and look ahead to engaging with Sri Lanka between now and March 2019 in the spirit of friendship that has marked our recent relations.  As Sri Lanka takes further steps outlined in the Geneva resolution, the United States will also support and expand our bilateral partnership.



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