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UNHRC: Sri Lanka Resolution finalised ( 3rd draft attached)

The meeting in Progress @ Room no 27

Today ( 13.03.2013) an informal discussion on the  3rd draft of the US sponsored resolution on Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka was held at the Geneva UN HQ, room no 27. It was organized by the US mission.

Russia, China , Pakistan and Cuba proposed to amend the resolution in a way that make it toothless and meaning less. EU countries and Canada wanted to make some of the  the wordings more stronger.

The most debated issue was ‘the dedicated general debate‘ (No 4)proposed in the resolution  on Sri Lanka at the 25th session of the UNHRC in March 2014. This debate will be on the report  OHCHR will be presenting to the council. All four countries that supported Sri Lankan Government opposed the inclusion of ‘dedicated debate’.

Second contentious point  was the No 2  i.e,  ‘encourages Sri Lanka Government to implement the recommendation in  the OHCHR  report‘ on Sri Lanka  

The Government of Sri Lanka didn’t participate in the discussion although one official  form the  Sri Lanka delegations was present.

India too kept silence as usual. 

US with the  co-sponsors will submit amended final  the resolution  tomorrow. The final resolution will have the same format and content as in the draft below. Some wordings may changed according to reliable sources. 

US has already submitted the  2nd Draft to the council. It can be viewed here  .

Here is the draft submitted for discussion today.


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