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UNHRC resolution due to Govt. dictatorial actions and Human rights violations of Sri Lankans – UNP

UNHRC resolution: President violating Polls laws to slander UNP – Tissa
President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in violation of guidelines set by the Elections Commissioner, was using provincial council polls campaign meetings to slander the UNP by making baseless allegations with regard to the accountability resolution to be presented against his government,at the ongoing UNHRC session, the party’s General Secretary Tissa Attanayake MP, said yesterday.

“I have brought the unethical conduct of President Rajapaksa in violation of established laws to the notice of the Polls Chief Mahinda Deshapriya and urged him to provide UNP National leader Ranil Wickremesinghe also an opportunity to make use of Western and Southern Provincial Council Election meetings to respond to the unfounded accusations and also to request the state and private media to give equal coverage to our response”, he said.
The MP pointed out that the President as Head of State was debarred from campaigning for any political party. But,he had gone further by using the Geneva resolutions to tarnish the image of the UNP without any basis whatsoever.
The Rajapaksa regime was being pilloried at global fora due its dictatorial actions which included the repeated Human rights violations of Sri Lankans in general and not just the minorities.The absence of good governance and the rule of law had further compounded its plight, Attanayake said

by Zacki Jabbar


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