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UNHRC March: TNA to intervene; Wimal accuse CJ playing for UNHRC

TNA to highlight plight of Tamils at UNHRC sessions .
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said today it would use all the means and resources available to them in order  to make submissions at the Geneva United Nations Human Rights Council sessions to be held in March next year.

Mr. Premachandran said the TNA’s submissions would be based on the non-implementation of the LLRC recommendations and the current predicament faced by residents of the Northern province.

“Political parties are not allowed to make submissions at the sessions therefore, we will make use of all the resources at our disposal to ensure we get a chance to be heard at the sessions,” TNA spokesman Suresh Premachandran said and added that the TNA would highlight the plight of the Tamil people.

“We do not know what our chances are but we will make maximum use of whatever opportunities are available.” he said. (Hafeel Farisz)

CJ in ‘Geneva conspiracy’ Wimal   
– The Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake has  knowingly or unwittingly joined the conspiracy of those who wanted to create a rift between the Legislature and judiciary, to create the necessary atmosphere to prove before the HRCouncil, says Minister Wimal Weerawansa.  The Minister was expressing his ideas at a ceremony yesterday.

When there were charge against her,  and  by not resigning  several  problems have ensued, the Minister said.

Meanwhile,  participating in the ITN  ‘ Seventh Hour’ programme, the Minister said that of the 05 charges  investigated against the CJ, 03 have already been proved, and the CJ’s lawyers, instead of speaking on them are speaking of other matters.

 Mr. Werranawansa, who threw a challenge and said he should be put into prison if he had  insulted the judiciary,  stressed that the separatist forces including  NGO crows and dollars crows would not be allowed to destabilize the govt



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