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Two traitors in Geneva – Dinamina

Two persons betraying the country’s interests are involved in organizing pro-LTTE groups against Sri Lanka on the sidelines of the UNHCR sessions; the ‘Dinamina’ has reported today (Sep. 13).

One is said to be a former leading light of the Free Media Movement and the other, a prominent figure of the main Opposition party with medical credentials, it adds.

On contacting a Dinamina journalist, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ learns that the prominent media personnel m mentioned in the news report is veteran journalist Sunanda Deshapriya.

On contacting Mr. Deshapriya, however, we learnt that many present at the Human Rights Council had spoken with him.

Among those who spoke to him is Global Tamil Forum leader Fr. S.J. Emmanuel, who had also spoken with head of the Sri Lankan Delegation Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe.

Another who had spoken with him is Gary Anandasangaree, who is the son of TULF leader V. Anandasangaree, he had added.

Noting that Fr. Emmanuel and Gary Anandasangaree had both called for HR violations committed by both parties during the war in Sri Lanka, Mr. Deshapriya added that the Sri Lankan delegation and foreign diplomats have been very cordial with him.

He adds that there is nothing wrong about conversing with Tamil political activists with varying political views.

Furthermore, he clarified to Sri Lanka Mirror that not a single figure of the UNP with medical credentials had attended the session



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