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Travel Ban to Prevent Negative Interventions in Northern Province -MoD

] Police and Military chack point in Sri Lanka; file photo]
Sri Lanka Ministry of Justice says that the aim of the travel ban imposed to foreign visitors to Northern Province is to prevent negative interventions according to a notice posted on the website of the Sri Lanka High Commission in London.

The Notice:
Whilst welcoming and appreciating positive assistance rendered by Friendly Countries, International Organizations as well as Non Governmental Organizations in peace building and development, it is the duty of the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development to take appropriate measures to prevent negative interventions, particularly in the Northern Province.

Conscious of its duty towards maintaining national security and creating necessary conditions for national processes, the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development requests foreign nationals to obtain prior approval when they intend travelling to the north. It is also informed that the objectives and purposes of the projects or other reasons for which they intend to travel are also be clearly indicated.

Foreign nationals intending to travel to Northern Province can obtain approval by sending written requests to the following address/fax:

Secretary, Ministry of Defence and Urban Development
(Attention Military Liaison Officer)
1515, Baladaksha Mawatha
Colombo 03.


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