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Thugs make deals at Negombo Police Station

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ASP Anada Alvis: Negambo the worst town
Over the 37 years of service Negambo was the worst town I have ever served, says the ASP Anada Alvis at the Civil Security Committee meeting at Negambo Police Auditorium on April 29th.
Proving his statement an incident has occurred at the office of the SP of Negambo Police yesterday (30) .
Jude Namal Niroshan (39) was attacked at Dalupatha junction in Negombo at around 10 am on April 29th by a group of people who came on vehicle.

He was admitted to the Negombo Base Hospital sustaining 5 cuts in the left arm and an severed little finger and was transferred to Colombo General Hospital after a short while at 10.55 due to his critical condition, police reports say.

The severity of the assault is confirmed as he was immediately transferred to Colombo General Hospital.
After attacking the individual with a sword and severely beating him up the group has straight away went to an office of a political leader in the area.
Even though the members of Jude Namal’s family provided the names and addresses of the wrong doers to the police, the police has not made any arrest regarding the incident.
The members of the Jude Namal’s family staged a protest by burning tires at Dalupatha Junction demonstrating their discontentment towards the police.
The IP of Negombo Police Station has visited the protest and promised that he will take immediate actions to arrest the thugs.
Meanwhile, the group of thugs have visited Jude Namal at Colombo General Hospital and stated that they are willing to offer 5 lakhs if he agrees to settle the matter peacefully.
The doctors had to reattach Jude Namal’s little finger in a surgery and treat five severe cuts in the left arm.
According to the settlement reached at the hospital Jude Namal was provided with 5 lakhs at the office of the SP of Negombo Police.
Aggrieved party agreeing to obtain the money is understandable as they are poor and helpless.
However the Police, whose responsibility is to secure justice and maintain peace, allowing the thugs, who assault innocent people and does not surrender to police, to reach a settlement at the police station is highly questionable.
The ASP must have declared Negombo to be the worst city in the island due to such disorder and injustice reining in the city.


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