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Tamil youth tortured by security forces in Jaffna

Those who were taken into Army custody from their homes in Navathurai mercilessly assaulted: limbs broken
The residents of Navathurai district Jaffna who were involved in a conflict with the Army over the grease devil menace , and were later taken into custody by the Army from their homes on the 22nd night had been assaulted and limbs broken while they were held in the Army camps, according to reports.
Of the 95 persons who were produced before the court yesterday , 5 of them had suffered this fate. These pictures show the victims of the assault warded in the Hospital after the Court gave the order to Hospitalize them.

This Greece devil incubus is raging in many districts in the country , but it is only in Jaffna , the civilians were arrested in a cluster taken out of their homes , and brutally assaulted. In Puttalam even when a police officer was killed ,no officers forced themselves into homes and took bunch of persons into custody and assaulted them and broke their limbs .

From this brutality perpetrated in Jaffna the cruel nature of the current Army administration is clearly manifested. It is well for the authorities to remember that it is because of such ruthlessness that suicide bombers proliferated earlier. Hence they must take precaution to ensure that innocent people are not pushed to the edge until they are made to react with terror tactics.

It is most significant to note that while the Army is taking brutal action against the civilians who are reacting out of the fear psychosis created by the grease devil syndrome , every grease devil suspect has either crept into a police post or to an Army camp following a single pattern when given chase. The people are therefore angered not without justification. In the Puttalam incident, over this grease devil incubus , because of the shooting at the people , a 13 year old child and five others were injured , and no investigations had been conducted into this serious crime. Neither has the police uttered a word as to who did the shooting.



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