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Sri Lankan pastor beaten unconscious by mob; 3 attacks on churches within a week

By: Release International
A mob destroyed a Christian group’s musical instruments and beat their pastor unconscious during a raid on a prayer meeting – one of several recent attacks on Sri Lankan churches.
Three Buddhist monks led about 30 people in the assault on Jeevana Diya Church in Meegoda, Colombo district, on September 8, demanding that they stop meeting in ‘this Buddhist village’. The pastor and his mother, attacked as she tried to defend her son, had to be hospitalised.

 On the same day, also in Colombo, the Praise Prayer Lanka Church cancelled its service after police gave warning that they had received threats against it.

 And, six days earlier, an Assemblies of God pastor had a narrow escape when suspected arsonists failed to set light to his house in Hambantota district. Hearing a disturbance in the night, the pastor went to his door – only to find matches and plastic bags filled with flammables, but no sign of the suspects. He has received several threats recently.

Source: Release partners
20 September 2013



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