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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sri Lanka: War Time Army Chief Fonseka Blames HRW for Violating His Human Rights

“Human Rights Watch Asia Head is violating my human rights,” “He (Brad Adams of HRW ) must make sure that he ensures the human rights of everybody. If he does not know how to respect the human rights of the Army Commander who is a Field Marshal and also a Parliamentarian as decided by the President and the Prime Minister of the country, who is he to point the finger like that and brand me as a criminal? First he has to respect my human rights so that is my simple answer to Brad Adams,” war time army commander and newly appointed minster for Regional development Sarath Fonseka has told Daily FT.

Further Fonseka has stated that  Human Rights Watch Asia Division Executive Director Brad Adams has no right to “point a finger” or brand Fonseka as a criminal without credible inquiry or investigation.

“If he has something against the military, that’s his personal problem. But if there are no allegations proved and if he is pointing the finger at me, he is violating my human rights,” asserted Fonseka.


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