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Sri Lanka tells UN that it is not bound by any resolution passed by UNHRC without its consent (Full report)

In its detailed comments to the “Follow up Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence on the visit to Sri Lanka” the government of Sri Lanka has reiterated that it is not bound by any resolution passed by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council without its consent.

Comments by Sri Lanka government justify the 20th Amendment to the constitution, militarisation of civilian affairs, surveillance of HRDs and NGOs ect.

It says that “The Resolution 46/1 was presented to the HRC without the consent of Sri Lanka as the country concerned and was adopted by a divided vote. It was presented in spite of Sri Lanka’s continuous engagement with the UN and the Council and the continued and tangible progress demonstrated by Sri Lanka, while battling the effects the COVID-19 pandemic, in addressing issues related to achieving peace, reconciliation and development, including accountability, within the domestic legal framework of Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka is of the view that this resolution will only serve to polarize Sri Lankan society and adversely affect economic development, peace and harmony at this extremely
challenging time brought about by the pandemic. Sri Lanka rejects the establishment of any external evidence gathering mechanism, when domestic remedies and processes are ongoing. The international community is well aware that, without the consent and cooperation of the country concerned, such external accountability mechanisms are subject to politicization and cannot achieve their stated human rights objectives.

“Notwithstanding the unrealistic demands contained in the HRC Resolution 46/1, Sri Lanka, in keeping with its constitutional mandate and legal system the Government has
always respected, secured and advanced the rights of its people and will continue to work with the UN, humanrights Treaty Bodies and mandate holders to advance its
international human rights obligations.”

Read the full report here: Sri Lanka Comments by the State Sep 21 21A_HRC_48_60_ADD.6_E


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