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Sri Lanka likely to get two year extension to implement UNHRC resolution 30/1

Image: Sri Lanka flag at the UNHRC, Geneva. ©s.deshapriya.

Informed souses in Geneva says that Sri Lanka will get two year extension to implement the UNHRC resolution 30/1 on Sri Lanka adopted in September 2015 although the GoSL preferred 18 months time frame.

To provide this extension the Human rights Council will have to pass a another resolution at this session of UMHRC. Reliable diplomatic sources  in Geneva say that the resolution will refer to the High Commissioner Zeid’s report on Sri Lanka and call on the council to support  two year extension. The report which is most probably will be posted online by Friday the 03rd,  will have around 14  pages. The report while commending Sri Lanka for the progress achieved is critical on the slow pace of the Transitional Justice process and on going human rights violations, according to diplomats who has seen the report.

Same sources say that first draft of the resolution on Sri Lanka has been okayed by the FM Samaraweera. Samaraweera will leave for Indonesia from Zurich today ( 03rd March).  President of Sri Lanka Siriseana is scheduled to visit Indonesia soon.

UK has taken the lead in drafting the resolution with the support of the other cosponsors. The last date for submitting resolutions is 16th March.

European and North American countries has assured Sri Lanka that they will work together with Sri Lanka in coming two years in implementing the resolution 30/1.

Without an extension UNHRC scrutiny on  the implementation of the resolution 30/1 comes to an end.




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