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Sri Lanka and HRC 40: 13 points letter from North East Coordination Committee to Rights Commissioner

The UN Resolution 30/1 on Sri-Lanka was adopted by the Council along with the co-spon-sorship of Sri-Lanka to ensure truth, justice, reparation and non-recurrence based on the inter-national human rights law and international humanitarian law. But the Sri-Lankan government has given up these international standards and the objectives of the Resolution 30/1 and uses it as a tool to promote its political and economic interests. Whenever the UN sittings take place the government implements a name sake action to satisfy the UN and the international community. Under the banner of good governance, the Sri-Lankan government is continuously promoting racisms, non-democracy, human rights violations and explicitly violating the promises which were made under the Resolution 30/1.

Therefore, we North East Coordination Committee (NECC)1 present our pleas before H.E. the High Commissioner of Human Rights and to the participants of the 40th Session of the UN Human Rights Council to consider our following requests and to adopt a new and time binding resolution on Sri-Lanka.

The topic of 13 points are:

1. Ensure Non-recurrence for Reconciliation
2. Political resolution for sustainable reconciliation
3. Government should not approve the draconian Counter Terrorism Act and should re-move the Prevention of Terrorism Act
4. Continuing issues of resettlement and land encroachments
5. Justice for enforced disappeared persons and for their families
6. Ensure the security and safety of the human rights defenders and the civil society
7. Justice for collective massacres
8. End Militarization in North and East
9. Justice mechanisms to investigate the crimes against the international human rights and humanitarian rights
10. Sri-Lankan government should give official recognition to the National Consultation Re-port
11. To promote transitional justice process in a comprehensive manner, Sri-Lankan govern-ment should establish a “Ministry of Transitional Justice” under “Transitional Justice Act”
12. Sri-Lanka must enact CEDAW Act comprising CEDAW General Recommendations 19, 26 and 30 to ensure gender justice
13. The necessity of UN’s direct participation in the transitional justice initiatives of Sri-Lanka

Read the full report as  a PDF:NECC – SriLanka – to 40 th Session of the UNHRC – February 2019 – English (2)

Above image Courtesy of OHCHR.


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