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“SLFP contemplates quitting Govt” says a Daily Mirror columnist

Staff reporter of the Daily Mirror in his weekly column says that Sri Lanka Freedom Party led by president Sirisena is contemplating to leave the Unity government. By this September the  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties comes to an end.

“The timeline, stipulated for governing together, will lapse in September making way for the two parties to take stock of things and decide on the next course of action.” writes Kalum Bandara.

He further indicates that president Sirisena is not happy with the way Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera handling the Sri Lanka’s human rights issues at the UNHRC:

“With just six months ahead of the deadline, fissures within the government manifest in all fronts. President Maithripala Sirisena, as the leader of SLFP, directs criticism at actions obviously by  representing the UNP over the issue facing at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

He reasserted that Foreign Judges would not be allowed in hearing accountability issues in local courts. Also, he affirmed that he was not ready to act according to the interests of NGO eunuchs. He said he would allow the members of the security forces to be hauled up before any inquiry over their role in the decimation of terrorism. In political circles, these are interpreted as criticism directed towards the manner in which Foreign Affairs are handled, particularly in relation to the UNHRC resolution.”

It says that Sirisena might even dissolved the government even before its term ends.

“With differences getting widened, it is learnt from the SLFP sources that the party is contemplating to quit the govt. after September. After that, the UNP, as the single largest party, will be left alone. It still enjoys the chance to govern with the backing of a few from the other side in such an eventuality. Nevertheless, some SLFPers in the govt. believe that it is advisable for them to leave the ruling side to opt for alternative arrangements to face the next election.

Parliament has four more years to complete its term. By now, nearly two years has elapsed.

However, there are provisions in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that enables the President to dissolve it prematurely after four years upon a resolution by Parliament. An SLFP source says the party will look at that option at the end of the term of the current Parliament.”

Original aticle: SLFP contemplates quitting Govt.



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