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SL colonial governor chooses to ‘boycott’ Swiss ‘development’ function in Jaffna

A move by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) inviting the occupying Sri Lanka’s colonial Governor in North, Major General (retd) GA Chandrasiri, as chief guest to the opening ceremony of two reconstructed schools in the Jaffna Peninsula on Thursday has ended up in the SL governor ‘boycotting’ the event, news sources in Uduththu’rai said.
The controversial move by the SDC had received media attention prior to the event. Tamil politicians also protested against Chandrasiri using the occasion to wage election propaganda in favour of the UPFA government. However, the occupying SL military deployed its soldiers at the venue to demonstrate their occupation of the country of Eezham Tamils and to distribute leaflets canvassing among the public to support SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s UPFA in the forthcoming PC elections in the North. 

 Informed sources told TamilNet that the SL Governor was demanding the SDC to extend invitation to EPDP politician M. Chandrakumar.

But, the SDC officials, concerned of the reactions, politely declined to invite the EPDP politician.

Following the dispute, the military governor refrained from attending the event, sending only his provincial council envoys to preside over the event.

Tamil National Alliance politicians have blamed Chandrasiri for deploying all public resources of the provincial council, including new employees, to wage propaganda for Rajapaksa’s UPFA.



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