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Sinhala Families Settle in Puthumaththalan; with the Military support.

As such the people of Mullivaikkaal who faced severe losses during the final war are now in a state of fear.
2nd Annexure. Sinhala Families Settle in Puthumaththalan; With the Support of the Army.
A section of Sinhalese fishermen from the South along with their families reached the Puthumaththalan area yesterday (29-1-13). Puthumaththalan was one area where the final war between the army and the LTTE.

The fishing families from the South had gone to Puthumaththalan to be resettled in the area and engage in fishing activities. This had created a tense situation between the fishermen of the Puthumaththalan area and the Sinhalese fishermen from the South.

After a tense situation in the area the Sinhalese fishermen went back saying that they will come back and engage in fishing activities, when the President Mahinda Rajapakse will be visiting the Mullaithivu area on the 3rd of next month (February)

As such the people of Mullivaikkaal who faced severe losses during the final war are now in a state of fear.

The Sinhalese fishermen who had taken their boats and other fishing gear with them had kept them in the army camps in the area for safe keeping, according to the GTN reporter.

Iranaippalai close to Puthumaththalan is a place which has  link roads to the sea. 350 families reside there and are engaged in fishing.

The people had lost almost everything in the war and are slowly getting back towards normalcy.

This area is under the constant monitoring of the army and is under the firm control of the army as well. The above incident had taken place in the midst of the people losing their livelihood as well.

People were allowed to resettle in the Puthumaththalan area only recently and now the Sinhala fishermen have started invading into their areas where they were engaged in livelihood activities.

Vendors of scrap iron recently invaded into this area in search vehicle parts and iron ore. and the Sinhalese  fishermen have now started fishing in the shore  area from Mullaithivu town to Kokkilai, and the Tamil people
are very badly affected by this.

This has caused a tense situation among both the parties. This invasion by the Sinhala fishermen from the South has now spread to Puthumaththalan, says the GTN reporter



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