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Report from Darusman but information supplied by Mahinda – Tilvin Silva

The General Secretary of the JVP said, “Imperialists make use of internal crises in countries to interfere in them.

11 May 2011 19:43

Whatever facts are included in the report compiled by the ‘Panel of Experts’ appointed by the UN Secretary General, the JVP rejects the political objectives that were the background for compiling such a report says the General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva. He further said while rejecting the intervention by imperialists the JVP expresses its opposition to the arbitrary, capricious and un-democratic Rajapakse regime that paved the way for such intervention.

 “Darusman compiled the report but information for such a report was supplied by Mr. Rajapakse’s government,” said Mr. Tilvin Silva speaking at a seminar organized by the JVP on the theme ‘How can we defeat intervention by Ban Ki-moon & others’ held at Public Library in Colombo yesterday (10th).

The General Secretary of the JVP said, “Imperialists make use of internal crises in countries to interfere in them. They used Sadam Husain’s political error of invading Kuwait to intervene in Iraq.  Now Libya is being attacked using the suppression of the uprising of the Libyan masses. For this they make use of the ‘responsibility to protect’ (R2P) concept.

Imperialists intervene in our country through various programmes. This report is one scheme for such intervention. Hence, our stand is that this imperialist intervention should be defeated. However, this could not be done by joining Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse’s regime. Weak capitalist system cannot defeat imperialist intervention. Mr. Rajapakse could only open doors and windows for such intervention. Hence, such an intervention could be defeated only by defeating the weak capitalist system and the government that maintains it.

How did the background for this report created?

With the end of the war several imperialist countries attempted to bring a resolution against Sri Lanka in the UNO. At this several friendly countries advised Sri Lanka to forward a counter resolution. Accordingly, on 22nd May, 2009 Sri Lanka presented a resolution calling the UN to cooperate with the Sri Lankan government in providing humanitarian assistance. The government pledged to protect human rights after the war, to provide relief to those affected by the war, to make the UNO aware of government activities and to cooperate with different UN organizations.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon arrived in Sri Lanka on 23rd May and issued a joint statement with President Mahinda Rajapakse. Sri Lanka pledged to protect human rights according to international standards. However, the government did not carry out any of these. Their attempt was to deceive the world in a manner they deceive people in this country. It is under such an environment the Secretary General appointed his ‘Panel of Experts.’

How did the government act while getting newspapers to publish headlines against the committee? The way the government acted indicates that it had accepted ‘Darusman’ committee. Darusman writes to Sri Lanka’s permanent representative in the UNO Palithe Kohona that the committee meets on December 3rd to 10th and would like to meet him. How does Palithe Kohona responds to this letter?  In his letter he addresses Darusman as the ‘Chairperson of the Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Sri Lanka.’ If he had addressed stating ‘My dear Darusman’ or ‘My loving friend Darusman’ there wouldn’t have been any issue to talk about. However, Sri Lanka government’s official writes to Darusman accepting his position.

While these letters are being exchanged what happens here? Headlines are published in newspapers in the island stating ‘Moon’s committee is banned in Sri Lanka.’ Government’s poppet carries out a two day ‘fast unto death.’ The government was acting in an irresponsible manner.

The report discusses more on post war events than what happened during the war. Throughout the last two years the government did not act to solve any issues. If the government had done what was necessary to be done during the post war period what would have left was only what had happened during the war. That too would not have been very serious as they belonged to the past. The government could have taken action if there had been any incident then.

Now, when the UNO has come up with issues the government says let’s unite on behalf of the country. We said this immediately after the war. On 27th May, 2009 we presented a practical programme of 14 proposals to establish normalcy in the country. We proposed to establish a task force from all political parties representing the Parliament to salvage the North and the East.  If this series of proposals had been implemented there wouldn’t have been a ‘Ban Ki-moon issue’ today. However, the government, intoxicated by the war victory, carried out their vile agenda of performing for petty interests. Hence, Rajapakse regime cannot deny its responsibility of paving the way for imperialist intervention in this country.

The government should immediately withdraw emergency regulations, all repressive laws should be withdrawn and democracy established. Also, a genuine solution should be found for the issue of the displaced, stop suppressive rule in the North and establish civil administration. All youths in detention camps should be immediately released. Stop all political vengeance. Gen. Fonseka should be released immediately. Stop media repression and establish media freedom.

This imperialist intervention should be defeated. It cannot be done by a weak capitalist regime. This is an era only socialists can be anti-imperialists. Imperialism cannot be defeated without defeating capitalist system and establishing socialism.”

JVP Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi too was present.


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