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UNP criticizes govt. call to protest UN panel report

11 May 2011

The UNP has strongly criticized the government call to the people and to local government bodies to sign petitions and hold protests against the UN expert panel’s report on Sri Lanka.
Speaking to the media today, party MP Lakshman Kiriella said it was a ridiculous that they have been asked to oppose a report, the contents of which were unknown to them.

He asked whether the government has taken any measure to translate the English language report into Sinhala and Tamil in order to facilitate a public dialogue on it.

However, it has advised provincial councils and local government bodies to adopt resolutions against a report they were unaware of, said Mr. Kiriella.

He said, therefore, the government should immediately issue a Sinhala translation of the UN panel’s report.

It is still engaged in such undiplomatic acts, without even submitting a proper official response to the UN, said the UNP MP.

Speaking further, he said that only former Army chief Sarath Fonseka was capable of answering questions on what actually had taken place during the final war.

It is only Mr. Fonseka who can save the country and the security forces from these allegations, he said, adding that the government should end its political hatred and free him in view of the 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi.

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