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Paranagana Commission to Investigate White Flag Case! Where is the Credible Domestic Mechanism?

The Government of Sri Lanka has given green light to Paranagam Commission to investigate the infamous white flag case without establishing a credible domestic Mechanism, according to state controlled Ceylon Daily News. The newspaper quoted Missing Persons chairman P. Paranagama and says that an investigation team of the Commission will be conducting an independent, impartial inquiry into the alleged extra-judicial executions of surrendering top level members of the LTTE during the last stages of the conflict.
Paranagama commission was established by former President Rajapaksa and has come under criticism for its bias towards Sri Lanka security forces.
Paranagama has told the Daily News that the investigation arm of the Commission will conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations, after gathering evidence from parties concerned and taking to account present evidence in hand.

When inquired if evidence provided by Channel 4 or other interested parties will be considered, he had added that all details will be deliberated and examined by the team that investigates.

A five member team including a retired High Court Judge will examine these allegations and even visit several districts to gather information before submitting the report and  the report is scheduled to be submitted early next year, most probably by February, says state controlled newspaper CDN.

The government of Sri Lanka has promised the UNHRC that credible and independent domestic mechanism with foreign participation will be established to investigate  the alleged war crimes. The White flag case is one of the alleged war crime committed by Sri Lankan security forces.


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