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Friday, March 1, 2024

On Gota’s Orders – Lakbima Sub-Editor removed, Chief Editor summoned by CID .

The journalist from “Lakbima” who wrote a caption to a photograph of the Defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse’s wife, Ayoma Rajapakse, has been dismissed from his service. Moreover, the chief editor of ”Lakbima” paper, Saman Wagaarachchi has been summoned by the CID and questioned at length.
The photograph depicted Ayoma Rajapakse purchasing some goods from a stall at the New Year fair organized by the “seva vanitha” unit of the department of civil defence.

It was published on the 8th page in the April 7 edition of the paper with the caption “They aren’t stolen money, are they?” A correction was included on the April 8 edition of the paper stating that it had been a mistake and apologizing for the incident.
However it has been reported that threats have been made saying that the apology is not sufficient and demanding the removal of the sub-editor who approved the above caption. As a result, on the 9th of April, the paper carried another apology on its front page which also mentioned that the sub-editor concerned has been removed from his position under the accusation of irresponsible conduct.

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