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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Offensive and abusive language of the Defense secretary

We append herein an interview the Sunday leader chief Editor Fredrica Janz had with Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse over his puppy dog import and attempted change of flight contravening aviation regulations to bring his loving puppy through the pilot lover of his niece .

Though Gotabaya Rajapakse, our SL defense Secretary’s offensive odor is known to all law abiding citizens in the country, many may not know the foul words and stench emanating from his mouth even when he speaks to a lady

.Even an ordinary man in the street would have known better manners when speaking to a lady journalist who was only exercising her democratic rights to carry out her professional assignment duly and honorably in the best interests of the country, undeterred by the threats and intimidation of the defense Secretary who used the foulest language in order to daunt her from questioning him on the factual story where he is the center of the controversy and potential scandal where the Sri Lankan airlines would have lost in millions owing to the inordinate love of an individual (a so called patriot) for a puppy dog..

The use of words ‘bloody’ , ’f…. ’ etc. were so profuse and unbecoming of a decent defense Secretary that the listener was confused so much so that she had begun to wonder whether she was speaking to the chief of SL defense or somebody else..
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