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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Mystery behind the Kelaniya beggar’s death

Four beggars have been attacked and killed while spending their nights at the pavement in Kelaniya. The beggars have been killed by assaulting their heads with a heavy weapon and the police have said they are yet to determine the cause for their murders. Close to 10 beggars were earlier killed in the Colpetty and Slave Island areas in a similar manner.

The beggars were killed soon after the porgramme to beautify Colombo commenced and the beautification programme has now reached Gampaha.

The police are yet to commence a proper investigation into the matter and have resorted instead to give any answer that comes to their mind when the media poses questions on the issue.

The Defence Secretary has commenced a programme to surround the beggars in Colombo. Accordingly, nine beggars in the Borella area have been arrested by the Borella Police.



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