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Mosque attack : Those in top rungs of Govt. behind it – Muslim Congress Secretary and M.P. Hassen Ali

Muslim Congress Secretary and M .P Hassen Ali told Lanka e News that the Muslim mosque which had been in existence for the last 50 years at Dambulla coming under attack while the army and police officers were standing idle and watching is clearly because they are being supported by those at high places in the Govt.

Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thero who had been arousing communal hatred for the last one week , had gone with about 500 persons and chased away the Muslim devotees while they were at Jumma prayers today (20), Friday , and caused damage to the mosque. Even the goods inside the mosque had been damaged. While all this attack and damage were being inflicted , the police and army around had taken no action to halt the violence and amused themselves . Later the police had acted only to seal the mosque premises.

Subsequently , the police had made a public announcement that the Kovil and the mosque in Dambulla shall be evacuated. This directive is from the top, the police had further openly stated.

Hassen Ali pinpointed that if the places of religious worship of the minorities are being attacked while the police and army are idly watching , it implies that they are supporting the marauders and providing security to them , instead of the law abiding people.

 Speaking further , Hassen Ali lamented that the Govt. received the support of the Muslim countries in respect of the US resolutions presented against the SL Govt, at the Geneva conference. His party as well as the Muslims made a great contribution by speaking to those Muslim countries and inducing them to vote in favor of the SL Govt, at the Geneva conference.. Hence it is very strange that the Govt. is behaving in this manner despite all those actions taken supporting the Govt. He charged the Govt. of protecting and supporting these marauders and racialists .

Another Muslim M.P. whose name cannot be revealed speaking to Lanka e News said, the Govt. which is in utter desperation being unable to solve the dire problems , economical and otherwise , is trying to score plus points by stoking communal and religious animosity to earn cheap popularity and political gains. He added that all High Commissioners of all Diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka of Muslim countries were summoned this evening ,and informed of this perilous situation.



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