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Minister Mervyn is ready take law onto himself , says he doesn’t nee police

Public Relations Affairs Minister Mervyn Silva’s son, Malaka, has been hospitalized with serious injuries, after being attacked with a sharp instrument, at the Odel clothing store car park, in Town Hall, around 4.15 p.m. yesterday.He had been admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital, Police spokesman SP Buddhika Siriwardena said.
Minister Silva told Hiru TV yesterday that he had no need for the police and he himself would deal with the assailants if they dared come forward.

Malaka was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. He had been attacked by about ten persons at the cark park of the clothing store, SP Siriwardena said, adding that the suspects had arrived there in a Defender and had waited for Malaka to return from the shop with his girlfriend. They had tried to abduct him following a heated argument. They had first attacked Malaka in his head and face using bottles of water and shoes.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the attackers had used a vehicle with false number plate to give the impression that it was a vehicle belonging to VIP security division.

One of the attackers had grabbed the bottle of water from a security guard at the Car Park and attacked Malaka with it.

The attackers spared girlfriend and fled.

SP Siriwardena said that entire episode had been recorded in the CCTV network fixed at the car park and the attackers would soon be identified.

Colombo Crimes Division and Cinnamon Gardens police are conducting further investigations.

By Hemamtha Randunu and Madura Ranwala



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