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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MaRa regime readying for a bloody solution :underworld criminal, a suspect od 14 murders released

(Lanka-e-News-) The brutal and Barbaric despots MaRa and his brothers have freed yet another murderer from the prison. On the 16th of December, Dolpin Chandhana alias Watthe Chandana had been sent home after he was released by the Attorney general (AG) following withdrawal of the charges against him on the ground that there are no evidence, in spite of the fact that he was in the Welikade remand prison on most heinous indictments of 14 murders, 9 cases of illegal possession of firearms and two rape charges .

The architect of this release is Sajin Vaas Gunawardena a powerful bigwig of the Rajapakse regime . This release was done with hectic speed by the defense ministry by treating this ‘criminal release’ as a matter of most urgent importance. This criminal was released on the 16th of December from the Welikade prison with its chief superintendent , Emil Ranjan Lamahewa and the chief of the intelligence division of the Jailors , Indika dancing attendance on this notorious criminal.

Indika is an underworld murderer very close to the Rajapakse regime ( birds of a feather flock together) and addressed by Namal Rajapakse as ‘ Indika aiyya’. During the recent genocide in Welikade prison when a sudden illegal raid was conducted by ‘Gotabaya’s henchmen, it was Emil Ranjan and Indika who protected and made sure that no harm befalls this underworld criminal Dolpin Chandana by having him seated within the Jeep vehicle.

Dolpin Indika alias Watthe Indika owns two houses which have been identified. . One is at Madiwela , Kotte , and the other is at Battaramulla.

Lanka e news had already revealed that the convict R. Devage Somaratne Rajapakse who was sentenced to death in the Krishanthi Kumaraswamy rape and murder is going to be freed.

Another three underworld murderers were abducted by the regime officials during the recent Welikade clash. Lanka e news reported on this too.

It is the consensus among the intelligence sources, that continued unlawful release of underworld criminals by the MaRa regime is by design and not by accident . That is with the objective of using them in its criminal conspiracies aimed at committing murders at some future date.



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