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Lawyers prevented from visiting beaten up Tamil prisoners – Udul

(Srilankamirror) – Lawyers were prevented from meeting the 65 Tamil inmates at Anuradhapura Prison, who were reportedly beaten up yesterday (Nov. 27).  A team of lawyers and representatives of the organization ‘We Are Sri Lankans’ tried to meet them today.

 The organization’s representative Udul Premaratne said the prisoners were stripped and beaten up, but no one knows how badly they were injured.

 Speaking to ‘Srilankamirror’, he said the prison’s superintendent had told them that they could not meet the prisoners, since there was an order against it from the higher up.

 Mr. Premaratne said that for the first time, lawyers were denied the opportunity, guaranteed by the constitution, to look into an incident at a prison.

 He added that ‘We Are Sri Lankans’ would take up the matter with international organizations.


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