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KP: Role and Status

Why, the New LTTE Leader Kumaran Padmanathan (KP) represent the Sri Lankan Government as the Spokesperson?
by Gunadeera Rajakaruna

So through lack of awareness, lack of concern or simply because it suites a particular argument to hold on to power, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, is misleading the general public in Sri Lanka
by allowing Kumaran Padmanathan to be their spokesperson. They used all available means, printed media, electronic media and the public meetings to mislead the educated and the un-educated people saying that the “dead” LTTE bogy is trying to raise its head again, but use the present LTTE leader to mislead the people. The “war” on terrorism was over, at least so it was declared two years ago. But after defeating the Tigers, the Rajapaksa siblings seem to be cloning their vanquished enemy’s intolerant and irritationally-maximalist mantle.

Rajapaksa Siblings declared many times they Commanded the Tri-Services to eliminate the LTTE Terror gang and the Terrorism from Sri Lanka. Some still questioned how they directed the tri-services to fight the war while seated in their air-condition offices. Some still believe that they did eliminate the LTTE, but others including the members of the Defence forces are not foolish enough to believe what Rajapaksa siblings say. If they eliminated the LTTE terror gangs how come they are trying to raise their head again?

If the LTTE bogy is trying to raise their head again it clearly indicates that the Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa never lead the Tri-Services to defeat the LTTE or was not even aware how it was achieved. If they did elimination the LTTE then they should know how to curtail the second uprising of the LTTE and eliminate them again. Because of their inability to understand how the LTTE operates in the international level, they are now seeking the help of KP, supposed to be a prisoner with many privileges to denounce the LTTE. KP always is the KP who operated for 25 years with the LTTE as an undercover operator supplying arms and ammunitions to the LTTE till the end of the war. He will mislead the Rajapaksa siblings at the end with very dire consequences to the country.

While shouting at public meeting that the LTTE rump is raising its head again they keep the present LTTE leader Kumaran Pathmanadan, and other senior LTTE leaders like Daya Master, George Master, Pillion and many others with them. It seems due to their ignorance they are trying to create the DEAD LTTE to hold on to power and at the same time use Kumaran Padmanathan (KP) as their spokesperson to discredit USA and the UN.

This action of Rajapaksa siblings supporting the Army Officers like Major General Hathurusinghe who had links with the LTTE and allowing KP to give interviews distorting facts clearly proves that they never lead the war or had any iota of knowledge how to tackle the LTTE terror gangs, the most ruthless

Terrorist outfit ever operated in the world. They molly cuddle the present LTTE Leader Kumaran Padmanathan and the Pottu Amman’s Intelligence groups and other LTTE leaders like Daya master, George Master and few others, while treating minor LTTE carders in a very harsh manner. But Rajapaksa siblings have treated the Officers, soldiers and the Army Commander who eliminated the LTTE terror gang by sacking them from the Army without pay or pension and putting them behind bars for no valid reasons. This clearly indicates that these Rajapaksa siblings are using the LTTE rump to hold on to power with the help of remaining LTTE Leaders as their saviours, allowing KP to take the country to ransom.

Who is Kumaran Pathmanadan aka KP?

At the last stages of the LTTE war and when the LTTE Leader Prabakaran was getting cornered at Nandikadal he wanted Shanmugam Kumaran Thamalingam known as Kumaran Padmanathan to take over the Leadership of the LTTE to succeed him and to create the Tamil Eelam he was fighting for. As such Kumaran Padmanathan (KP) assumed the Leadership of the LTTE. KP is wanted by the Interpol for many crimes he has committed including the killing of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. This mass murderer who was responsible for the supply of Arms, ammunitions and other heavy military equipments to the LTTE, for nearly 30 years to kill and maim over 180,000 innocent Sinhalese (including woman and school going children and infants) and 24,000 Tri-service personals (MOD figures) and wanted by the Interpol, the FBI and the Indian RAW, is now living a luxury life with body guards and free food in a very palatial house in Colombo with the blessing of Gotabaya Rajapaksa and President Mahinda Rajapaksa and other Rajapaksa siblings. The total amount of Tamils killed due to this conflict is included this number may increase to over 230,000. KP, knowingly or unknowingly helped to kill them by providing Arms and Ammunition to the LTTE should be held responsible for all these murders, as they are all Sri Lankan citizens and very innocent people.

But this mass murderer, who was appointed as the LTTE leader to take over the LTTE to the new millennium by former LTTE Leader Prabahakaran, was recently appointed by Rajapaksa siblings to be their spokesperson for the Rajapaksa regime. If KP is a prisoner, how is he able to give interviews and appear in TV programmes and travel by helicopter to Jaffna with Army escort and operate a NGO?

KP Created the White Flag Saga?

Well known journalist Marie Colvin, wrote to the London Sunday Times on 24th May 2009, few days after the final battle at Nandikadal Lagoon with this banner headlines. “Tamil Leaders were killed as they walk towards the troops slowly with WHITE FLAGS”. This was what her report included:

Quote: “I was contacted by the then Senior Tiger Leader KP, from South East Asia. He told me that the Tigers have laid down their arms and asked me to help the trapped LTTE Leaders to leave the area or to surrender to the troops. I telephoned Vije Nambiar – Ban-Ki-Moon’s Chief of Staff as requested by KP, and told him the tigers have laid down their arms. He said he had been asked by Mahinda Rajapaksa President of Sri Lanka, that Nadesan and Pulidevan would be safe in surrendering. All they had to do was to hoist a WHITE FLAG high. I asked Nambiar if he should not go to North to witness the surrender. He said NO, that would not be necessary as the President’s assurance were enough’ (Un-quote)

She further wrote (quote) “I was woken up at 5 am by KP again and told me that he can’t get through to Nadesan and “I think it is all over, I think they all are dead” (Un-quote).

This report provides sufficient evidence to prove that the President knew about the white Flag saga even before these LTTE leaders were killed?

KP is lying to save the Rajapaksa regime.

At a recent interview and the interview he had with Mr. Jeyaraj, he told the reporter that he did within his powers to save the lives of the entire LTTE leaders. He was the man who contacted the Norway Minister Erick Sollheim according to his own words. On his request Minister Eric contacted the UN and the USA to arrange some support. But the ships to evacuate the LTTE leader was organised by KP as he had the control of all the LTTE ships.

In a recent interview he accused USA and UN providing ships to evacuate the LTTE leaders, but this he uttered to save the Sri Lanka Government and to create some deviation from the UN Expert Panel Report outcome. It is well known fact that the UN has no ships which can carry people and they have no avenues to organise any ships at a movements notice. After organising the ship and all other help to transport the LTTE leaders KP is now telling lies to save the GOSL.

This was what KP told the Military intelligence after he surrendered and was brought to Colombo. [He had breakfast with Gotabaya Rajapaksa at his residence as soon as he was brought to Colombo].

KP start vomiting his fast deeds by saying: “The way I operated 25 years under cover, I never thought that I will be caught. But I was. During the final stages of the battle in the North of Sri Lanka, Prabakaran wanted me to approach the International community on behalf of the LTTE leadership to force the Sri Lanka government to agree to a ceasefire. Therefore V. Prabakaran has appointed me as the International Relation Head. I was able to pursued Norway’s Minister for International Affairs (Erik Sollheim) to approach the USA to exert pressure on the Sri Lanka government to stop the military operations. Prabakaran had told me that if the war continued, it would be the END of the LTTE as the Sri Lankan military was stronger than they had anticipated and the Tigers were getting weaker. He further stated that the tactics of the Military adopted by General Fonseka is the end of LTTE. I had spoken with Vije Nambiar, Chief of Staff of the UN Secretary General as well as Western diplomats and some VVIP’s. Kumaran Padmanathan had told the intelligence sleuths interrogating him in Colombo that Prabakaran had instructed to use any amount of LTTE funds to stop the war”. KP organised a truce with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the war was stopped for few days and the Army lost ground and retreated approximately 4 kilometres.

How come a highly guarded Prisoner gives Public interviews?

The emerging LTTE Leader, now held within a confidential and highly guarded Sri Lankan defence establishment according to MOD website,(VISUMPAYA is this highly guarded establishment) the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ellam’s (LTTE) chief weapons procurer and international financial head, Shanmugam Kumaran Thamalingam –also know as Kumaran Padmanathan or just by his initials “KP” has his wings clipped (but due to some miracle his clipped wings are now grown to full size) is the aspiring leader of the LTTE, after its founder leader Velupillai Prabakaran was killed by the Sri lanka Military, lead by General Sarath Fonseka, on May 18th 2009, is now the spokesperson for the Sri Lankan Government.

Why Rajapaksa siblings treat KP as a VVIP?

Mahinda Rajapaksa the President of Sri lanka and his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa the defence secretary , has become paid servants of KP and acts according to his directions as KP paid millions of dollars from the LTTE Funds and handed over two Ships to Rajapaksa siblings according to highly reliable former LTTE sources.

These greedy brothers has sold the country as well as the forces who liberated the country from the LTTE to keep this man KP in luxury accommodation with military guards and use him to give interviews to international media units as well as to broadcasters to save them from Human Rights Violations they committed.

The Rajapaksa siblings have forgotten that KP is a “mass murderer” and wanted by Interpol and the RAW (India) for many crimes he committed for the LTTE. The way Rajapaksa siblings are treating KP, Karuna Amman, George Master, Daya Master and Pottu Amman’s intelligence brigade may bring the Rajapaksa siblings a ‘curse’ nobody even with divine powers can stop, from the dead 24,000 soldiers and the 180,000 men and women killed and maimed by the LTTE using the weapons, ammunitions and bombs supplied by KP. In addition to the curse on Rajapaksa siblings, the country will be cursed by these dead people as well as their relations for supporting Rajapaksa siblings to keep KP and others in luxury envioronments when the soldiers and officers including the Army Commander who saved the country from the LTTE is living as paupers’ and some behind bars.

KP the mass murderer should be charged before a War Crime tribunal as these are WAR crimes and violation of Human Rights of these innocent people, and if found guilty should be killed by a firing squad. I am ready to volunteer as a member of that firing squad.


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