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Jeyakumary Remanded Today (2nd Sep) Morning

Jeyakumary was issued a second arrest warrant by the Weli-Oya Police last night (01st). The police have then told her to report to the Magistrate Court (MC) today (02nd) with a Surety. When she had returned to the Kebithigollewa MC this morning with her brother as a Surety, they had found out that on Wednesdays, all the Kebithigollewa MC cases are taken up at the Padaviya MC. Therefore, the bail application was made at the Padaviya MC. Jeyakumary was however remanded due to not having 2 Sureties and the police having objected to her bail application. The magistrate had overruled the police objection, and granted a Rs. 25,000 cash bail, and Rs. 100,000 Surety bail. Further, the Magistrate had ordered that the two Sureties should be certified by the Grama Sevaka of their respective areas. Thereafter, Jeyakumary’s lawyer had filed a second motion in court requesting the Magistrate to reconsider the condition of certification, but the application was refused.

Jeyakumary has been arrested in relation to Case B/35/2014 in connection to the theft of two mine detectors. Lawyers are still not clear if she’s been arrested as a witness or suspect, as the police have given conflicting responses. When her case was called up today, there had been two other accused. Police standing by the accused had said that they were former LTTE cadres. The case was fixed for the 16th of September, 2015, until which date, the bail money can be paid and Jeyakumary can be released on bail. Before she is released, she has also been asked to give a statement to the Kebethigollawa Police station.

Jeyakumary’s lawyer will pay the cash bail to the Kebethigollawa Magistrate Court Registrar and produce the second Surety, and obtain bail for her tomorrow (03rd).

It is however very strange that as Jeyakumary has been living in Kilinochchi for the past 3 months, and signing in at the Police station every last Sunday of the month, the police had failed to mention anything regarding this case to her.

Since her release after almost one year in detention, on the 10th of March this year, Jeyakumary was initially residing in Jaffna for about 1-2 months, and had thereafter returned to her home in Kilinochchi. Her 13 year old daughter Vibushika continued to reside and school at the Children’s Home in the North, and had come home for to be with her mother during the August holidays. She had accompanied her mother to the courts this morning and is now with relations in the North.

2nd September,



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