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INSD Calls for Immediate De-militarisation of North and East

(Jaffna July 2015 © s.deshapriya)

Issuing a statement the International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora e.V based in Germany has called for abolishing  the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA)  Increasing  all political prisoners and  releasing/Returning of the private land, which is still occupied by the security forces, to its legitimate owners.

This statement is singed by Senaka Wattegedara and Sivasamy Sivarajan.

The statement further says that:

The Prevention of Terrorism Act was implemented from 1979 and still in craft. It Is practically used by the rulers to discriminate the political opponents. It is time to abolish the controversial PTA once for all.

Recently the political prisoners in Sri Lanka went in a hunger strike and demanded their immediate release. The political Prisoners temporarily given up their hunger strike due to the assurance of President Sirisena that he would favorably and humanly consider the matter until 7th of November 2015. Therefore we put forward this demand to the Government of Sri Lanka and urge to release them immediately.

It is regret to note that the promise of the return of private land in the election manifesto which is still occupied by security forces. Therefore we demand to return these occupied land to the legitimate owners immediately.


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