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HRC Complaint on Alleged Police Torture Camp

A complaint has been lodged with the Human Rights Commission to launch a thorough investigation into an alleged torture camp called ‘Wedibehethwatta’ that had been used by the Kotadeniyawa police to detain those suspected of the rape and killing of Seya Sandewmi.

The Sri Lanka Young Journalists Association yesterday lodged the complaint with the HRC following grievances of residents in the Kotadeniyawa area.

According to the compliant, around twelve people including the 17-year school boy and the father of one had been forcibly taken by the police in to the ‘torture camp’ located about 3 kilometers from the Kotadeniyawa police station.

Residents have also complained that the police had beaten them, stripped them and taken their photos in the nude while examining the entire body. However, the HRC complaint stated that such detentions had not been mentioned in any police registers


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