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Here is the palpable and tangible clear evidence of police shooting after storming into the Katunayake zone factories

Those who gave illegal orders still at large

04.June.2011, Lanka e news is in receipt of clear palpable evidence that on the 30th , the day the Katunayake free trade zone protests were staged , the police not only targeted the protestors on the streets but also the workers within the factories when they went on the shooting spree.

Herein is a photograph which depicts how a Cutter machine within the Smart shirts factory in the free trade zone had been smashed by the reckless and devil may care police shooting and the bullet that was found. If the police had only shot at the protestors in the streets , how come a machine within a Factory has got damaged by a bullet. This is unequivocal evidence that the police had deliberately intruded into the Industry and attacked the workers.

Sirasa news on the day of the incident clearly showed and announced that the police wantonly broke the gates and entered the premises of the workers and shot .This is borne out by the third photograph .How did the police break open the closed gates of the Factory and on what legal justification ? Are they law enforcers or law breakers having powers to break open gates and shoot .

The photographs beneath the fourth show how the police law breakers had damaged the equipments within the factories in Katunayake. These police marauders and monsters have not spared even the motorcycles, cars , vehicles, office equipments – not even the harmless fish tank of innocent live fish kept for adornment purposes. Going by all this damage , destruction , death and despair which was caused , can it be believed that the police used only minimum force to control the protests ?

Aren’t the defense Secretary and the defense Minister who gave these orders ,truly responsible for these atrocities committed by the police.? Shouldn’t they stop looking for scapegoats to cover their monumental blunders and ruthless attitudes to workers ? Aren’t they the highest in the hierarchy in charge of the national security , and therefore cannot disclaim responsibility under any circumstance ?

Meanwhile , the German Ambassador in SL after learning of the damage caused to the Industries of German Investors in the trade zone , had stated this incident will have a grave impact on future investors and militate against foreign investments in SL .



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