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Hakeem complains: Police behind election violence !

Minister Athaulla and the SSP of Ampara, Premalal Ranagala was behind the clash that took place between SLMC supporters and those supporting the Muslim National Congress (MNC) in Addalaichchena, Minister Rauff Hakeem said.  Addressing a press conference today (14) in Kalmunai, he said “The clash took place between my supporters and Athaullah’s supporters. This happened when I was going for an Ifthar where I was prevented from entering the town by MNC supporters and was forced to turn back.

“This was not the first time I was turned back. Previously, when I was turned back I complained to the Senior DIG and DIG of Ampara, but action was not taken on this regard. The second time also I was stopped. This is all a plan; I was stopped by the SSP of Ampara this time,” Hakeem said.

“I also assure that when the incident took place, Minister Athaulla was in a water board circuit bungalow directing and guiding the supporters,” he said. Previously, he has also distributed handouts asking the people to attack Hakeem if he tries to enter Addalaichchena.

Added to this, Hakeem said, this is all a conspiracy of the police. The police are the ones who put a halt to the Ifthar and at the last moment the police granted permission. The SSP Ampara was himself there when the supporters prevented me from going forward.

“I have complained the Inspector General of Police and the Election Commissioner on this regard. Police is inactive and I have asked the IGP to transfer the above mentioned SSP,” he said.

According to Hakeem, the main reason this was done was to reduce the voter percentage of Addalachchena. Minister Athaulla’s plan is to terrorize the people form casting votes for him.

“Whatever clash that takes place between the two parties, the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) will definitely win the elections” assured Hakeem.

Meanwhile, the Election Commissioner has dispatched a team to look into the incident and submitted a report to him, he said.
By Azra Ameen


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