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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Gotabaya hits out at Jayalalitha .

Mr  Rajapaksa also told Headlines Today that Sri Lankan would not devolve any more powers to the minorities in spite of the promises it made in the past.

 “If they are interested in the welfare of (Tamil) people, it is useless calling for international investigation,” Rajapaksa said in an interview in Colombo. “What does that bring to the people?”

 The Tamil Nadu assembly, controlled by Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK party, has passed a resolution calling for a trial against Sri Lankan leaders accused of committing “war crimes” in the war against the Tamil Tigers.
 She has called for international sanctions against Sri Lanka.

 Rajapaksa said: “This (resolutions) must be for her to gain political advantage… It is not reasonable because … we are Sri Lankans. We are more worried about our citizens than anyone else.

“This (resolution and statements by Jayalalithaa) is without knowing facts.”

 “If she is so concerned about the welfare of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, they must stop Indian fishermen coming into Sri Lankan waters and fishing in areas dominated by the Tamil fishermen of Sri Lanka.

“When it comes to that, they do not talk about the welfare of the Tamil people… People just talk about welfare of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, but when it comes to the real thing they are not shouting.

“This is what Jayalaithaa should address first if she is very keen on the welfare of the Tamil people of this area,” he added


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