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The Foremost Task Is To Esablish Rule of Law And Create Democratic Space – Left Centre

Resolutions passed unanimously at the inaugural meeting of the Left Centre (Vame Kendraya) on 24 November 2014.

1) The Left Centre resolves to convey to the Lanka Sama Samaja Party and the Communist Party of Sri Lanka its opposition to and the disapproval of the decision taken by the said parties to support the present President who is contesting for a third term at the forthcoming Presidential election as going against their position of opposition to the Executive Presidency from its inception.

2) It is the considered view of the Left Centre that a major reason for the breakdown of democracy and rule of law, increasing corruption, decline of social values and morals, the development of a deformed political culture and the widening of social disparities and social injustices, all leading to the disruption of people’s lives, is the present Constitution and the Executive Presidency established by it.

The Left Centre considers that the foremost task today is to lift the country from its present abyss and create democratic space. It therefore appeals to the people of Sri Lanka to work towards the victory of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the Common Candidate, not only of the Opposition but also sections of constituent parties of the Government committed to changing the present constitution and abolishing the executive presidency with the object of restoring democracy in Sri Lanka.

3) While the abolition of the executive presidency and the creation of democratic space is the foremost immediate task, a long term goal of the Left Centre is to move further ahead to create an environment in which social justice has been sustainably established. To this end, the Left must play a leading role in gathering together all progressive sections, while drawing lessons from international and local experiences. The Left Centre must act as a platform that brings together the intelligentsia and social activists from various fields in the pursuit of that goal.


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