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Family Questions Whereabouts of Abducted Journalist, Subramaniam Ramachandran Last Seen in SL Custody in 2012

Tamil journalist Subramaniam Ramachandran, who was abducted by the SL military in February 2007 in front of Kalikai junction military camp at Karaveddi in Vadamaraadchi, Jaffna, was last seen alive in the custody of Sinhala military at the notorious camp at Pallappai in the same area in 2012, according to his 55-year-old sister Jeyaratnam Kamalashini. The SL military vacated from Pallappai a year later in 2013 and instructed the people not to dig the abandoned wells in an attempt to cover up alleged mass graves. The genocidal State of Sri Lanka still refuses to reveal the whereabouts of the father of two children. Despite reports of alleged mass graves, there have been no efforts by the judiciary of ‘Sri Lanka’ to excavate the killing fields. Reporters in Jaffna question the advice by the visiting UN Human Rights Chief to expect delivery of justice through the ‘Sri Lankan’ judiciary.

Subramaniam Ramachandran
Subramaniam Ramachandran

Subramaniam Ramachandran was the Vadamaraadchi regional correspondent for newspapers Valampuri and Yaazh Thinakkural.

Ramachandran’s sister told TamilNet on Tuesday that there were at least 3 different credible eyewitnesses from different periods to document his detention by SL military, incarceration inside Palaali military ‘High Security Zone’ in early 2009 and his detention at Pallappai military camp in 2012.

SL military (SLA 524 division) was stationed at Pallappai for more than 14 years since 1999.

A government officer witnessed his ‘arrest’ at Kalikai junction in 2007.

A family which was close to EPDP paramilitary went searching for their missing children inside Palaali military base with special permission obtained through Douglas Devananda in early 2009. That family had seen Ramachandran and talked to him inside the Palaali military complex, where hundreds of abducted Tamils had been deployed to work at military-run farms.

In 2012, Ramachandran was seen at the custody of the SL military at Pallappai camp, his sister told TamilNet.

Despite the talk of ‘good governance’ there has been no response forthcoming from the ‘Sri Lankan’ authorities, Mrs Jeyaratnam added.

Mrs Jeyaratnam submitted a written complaint and gave oral evidence on 13 December 2015 during a public sitting of the so-called ‘SL Presidential Commission to Investigate Into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons’ (PCICMP), a commission created by Rajapaksa regime and extended by the incumbent Sirisena government in Colombo.

A letter sent by the PCICMP, dated 26 January 2016, was saying that it had received 23,860 complaints since August 2013 and the process of analyzing, categorizing, translating and investigating entailed “a long and arduous process”. The letter from the Commission was involving the Divisional Secretary “to provide relief/compensation”.

Subramaniam_Ramachandran_ perants
Ramachandran’s octogenarian parents in April 2015

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