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Extra Judicial Killings: Two killed in police shooting at Moragahahena

Kalutara, April 23 (Daily Mirror) – Two persons have died after police fired at a three-wheeler that was driving in defiance of orders to halt at Millawa in Moragahahena.

Police said that when the police signaled for the three-wheeler to stop near the Meegoda – Delketiya junction, the driver slowed down the vehicle and individuals inside opened fire at the police before fleeing towards Moragahahena.

Accordingly, the Moragahahena Police were informed of the shooting incident and a team of officers from the Colombo South Crimes Division, who happened to be at Moragahahena Police Station for a separate inquiry, endeavored to intercept the fleeing three-wheeler.

Despite repeated orders to stop, the three-wheeler persisted in its attempt to escape and proceeded towards Moragahahena.

Police then opened fire at the three-wheeler near the Moragahahena tyre factory.

They said another person who was inside the three-wheeler at the time of the shooting had fled.

The deceased were identified as 42 and 35-year-olds, residents of Thanamalvila.

Police said a firearm was also recovered from the three-wheeler.



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