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EPDP – Army intelligence suspected of attacks in Jaffna to terrorise TNA candidates

by D.B.S. Jeyaraj
EPDP cum military intelligence suspected of perpetrating series of “attacks” to terrorize TNA candidates in Jaffna local authority polls.
Proliferation of “low-level” incidents targeting individual candidate residences during night aimed at instilling fear into TNA, party says.

Tamil National Alliance wants foreign monitors appointed for the forthcoming elections due to “terror” campaign intimidating TNA candidates.
TNA candidate in Maanippaai had the severed head of a dog impaled on the gate spikes of his residence with headless dog carcass lying near.
Former Parliamentarian & TNA chief candidate for Valvettithurai Urban council MK Sivajilingamhad drainage dirt&garbage thrown into residence.
Wreaths placed at a funeral were stolenfrom cemetery & left at a TNA candidates house at Kodikamam.Cremation ash was thrown into compound.
Motor engine oil was thrown into the residence of a TNA woman candidate at Chandilipay.
Stones have been thrown at residences of many TNA candidates. Slogans mourning the”death”of some TNA candidates are scribbled on their walls.
Many incidents terrorising TNA have occurred but only a few complaints have been made to the Police due to fear&lack of confidence in Police.
Police are yet to make a single arrest concerning the attack on a TNA meeting at Alaveddy by members of the Sri Lankan army.
Attacks onTNA candidate residences are allegedly conducted by gangs of SinhalaTamil speaking men in”civils”travelling in White Hi-ace vans.
Sinhala & Tamil speaking gangs have also gone around in white vans at daylight tearing down posters on walls supportive of TNA candidates.
The terror campaign has instilled fear into TNA candidates&curtailed their house to house campaigning to a very great extent.
TNA has also found it difficult staging political meetings because owners of suitable venues are reluctant to rent them out due to fear.
The anti-TNA terror campaign seems to be aimed at defeating the TNA at polls.TheTNA is expected to win 13of16 local authorities in Jaffna.
Govt seems determined to do well in the polls&demonstrate that the Tamil people are not with the TNA.Intensive govt propganda campaign is on.
TNA has compiled a list of attacks on candidates & submitted to Elections Commissioner who has pledged free&fair polls will be held in Jaffna.
It is learnt that several foreign diplomatic missions in Sri Lanka are keenly observing election related” anti-TNA terror”incidents in Jaffna.
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