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Domestic War Crimes Inquiry: UN in Talks With Govt Over Technical Support

The UN is holding discussions with the Sri Lankan government to determine specific areas where the government would need technical support from the UN with regard to the domestic war crimes inquiry.

Speaking to the Daily News, United Nations in Sri Lanka Resident Coordinator Subinay Nandy said the UN would provide technical assistance to the Sri Lankan government within the framework stated by Minister Mangala Samaraweera in his address to the United Nations Human Rights Council Session in Geneva.

“This will be done based on the requirements of the Sri Lankan government,” Nandy said. Meanwhile, addressing a donor conference on the comprehensive policy framework and formulation of the resettlement action plan, Nandy said there were four areas where the UN could offer technical support to Sri Lanka.

“Firstly, technical support will be provided to establish an inclusive and credible domestic mechanism to address human rights violations and accountability and provide redress to victims and conflict affected groups, including families of the missing, in line with international standards. This component will be led by OHCHR,” he said.

“Secondly, to initiate inclusive, broad-based mechanisms for inter-ethnic trust building, reconciliation and social cohesion working with the recently established Office for National Unity and Reconciliation. This component will be implemented by UNDP with technical advice from the Reconciliation and Development Adviser based at the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office.

“Thirdly, to provide technical support to the Northern Provincial Governmentto better plan and undertake development programmes, generate revenue and reach out to communities, for consultation and feedback. This component is to be implemented by UNDP. “And finally, to implement quick impact resettlement initiatives strategically targeting conflict affected and vulnerable internally displaced persons in the North and the East.This early implementation component will be done by UNHCR and UNICEF,” the UN representative explained


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