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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

DIG for Dengue

DIG Ravi Wijewardena has been given the authority to purview and speed up the dengue eradicating programme covering all parts of the country.
DIG Wijewardena is also in charge of the Puttalam District. His task is to use the police environment protection units and ‘Praja Police’ units to coordinate and speed up eradication programmes implemented in their police areas.

The decision to appoint a DIG to handle the dengue eradication programme takes place as the public have been maintaining mosquito breeding places even after they have been fined.

Therefore the Ministry of Defence decided to appoint a senior police officer to see whether the public is following orders. According to official reports issued by the Epidemiological Unit the number of deaths due to dengue this year in the country is 112. (Supun Dias)


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