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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Deeply concerned, HRC-SL urge the Govt to explain reasons of promulgation of Emergency

Image: Sri Lanka police using water cannons against peaceful protestors.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka is deeply concerned about the promulgation of Emergency from midnight on the 7th May 2022. We urge the government to explain to the public the reasons for this proclamation since protests have been largely peaceful and within the ambit of normal police operations.

We hope that freedom of speech and assembly, the rights associated with arrest and detention as well as other fundamental rights and freedoms will not be affected or derogated from during the period of the emergency.

In this regard the Secretary to the President, Defence Secretary, and Inspector General of Police to come to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka on Monday (9th May 2022)

Justice Rohini Marasinghe,
Former Judge of Supreme Court
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka


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