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Deal with it legally- family members of Premakumar

Family members of missing Front Line Socialist Party Leader Premkumar Gunaratnam today requested the authorities to deal with him in a legally accepted manner if he has done anything wrong and to release him if he is innocent.D. R. Gunaratnam, the mother of the JVPbreakaway group leader told a news conference today in Colombo that her son had been illegally abducted by unknown persons.
Mrs. Gunaratnam said her son should have been tried legally if he has done something wrong without abducting him in such a violent manner.

She said she is not aware of her son’s political connections bur said she is scared for him that he might also suffer the same fate which her elder son suffered. Her eldest son Ranjitham Gunaratnam who was an active member of the JVP during the 1987/89 insurrection was abducted, tortured and killed allegedly by the armed forces who were engaged in cracking down the youth who launched an armed struggle then.

Gunaratnam’s sister Niranjalee Gunaratnam made a plea from the international community to help find her brother. She said she too is aware about the political activities of his brother but said he only strived to build a better future for all Sri Lankans through a social and political transformation.

Convener of the ‘Movement for People’s Struggle’ (name which the group identified themselves earlier) Chamira Koswatte said they decided not to bring Gunaratnam before the public because they had fears about his safety. These fears he said had come true. This he said is the reason as to why Gunaratnam said earlier that he might not participate in the Front Line Socialist Party’s first convention which is to be held on the 9th of April.

He however said the party would go ahead with the convention which is to be held at Sugatadasa Stadium. (Yohan Perera)


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