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Comedian Pusweddilla Writes to President

(Chaminda Pusswedilla)

My dear Trymeepala. I just sow your interveew with those Bee Bee Cee felows. I have one thing to say:

“You is a star”

First you hamered the felow who asked about nepotissing by saying that oll those who criticising you taking babyputha to UN are “Daruwo nathi Thaaththala” SERIOUSLY??? How can you be a THAATHTHA WITHOUT HAVING A DARUWA????

Olso since you said that OLL those who criticising nepotissing are peeples who have no childrens, lot of editors, jornolists, playrighters and web-acktivists are getting DNA test done on their childrens. Lot of family kachals are happening now.

Trymee, with nepotissing you have to folow the golden roole of those Nikes peeples “Just dooooooo it”

Olso you saying that the song about you was not authosed by you and peeples did it without permishen. I know you is not a lowyer, but as Lokka you have access to the AG department where they have great lowyers and I am shure they will tell you that if ANYONE uses your image without your permishen you can sue them. If the song was without your permishen, then sue the makers, sue the Arsik State Meediya for showing it. You olso saying that oll those addertisements put by state instityooshens in the papers for your first year aniversary is viyolashens a circular sent by your office. SERIOUSLY HITANG! YOU ARE THE LOKKA! YOUR CIRCULAR CAN’T BE VIYOLATED!

Trymeepala, I will give you a peece of addice as your fommer lokka. When giving interveews make shure your brane and your mouth are on the same track! If brane is going south and mouth is going west, then you are going nowhere!

( face book, Chaminda Pusswedilla )


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