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Bar Association of Sri Lanka petitions SC on grave violation of the fundamental rights of the Citizens including the right to life ( full text)

In a Fundamental Rights  petition to Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, BASL seeks an immediate intervention  “to vindicate the Rule of Law and direct all relevant authorities and institutions to take immediate and requisite steps to address the grave violation of the fundamental rights of the Citizens including the right to life, by taking all such measures necessary to address the aforesaid grievances as a matter of priority and urgency.”

It further says that the Petitioners are compelled to come before Your Lordships’ Court, due to the severe shortages in essential goods and services, that are considered vital for the survival and existence of the citizens of the Republic in whom is guaranteed the fundamental right to equality, equal protection of the law and the right to life under the Constitution.

The Petitioners state that Sri Lanka is currently facing an unprecedented economic and financial crisis resulting in acute shortages inter alia of fuel, electricity, gas, food, milk powder and medicines.

The Petitioners state that the Country is also witnessing long queues for the purchase of supplies, mass protests and public unrest due to the sharp increase in the cost of goods and services including food, fuel and travel costs.

The FR application in full:

BASL Petition 1 – President, Sec and Treasurer

BASL Petition 2 – VP and AS BASL

BASL Petition 1 – Affidavit of the President of BASL

BASL Petition 2 – Affidavit of the VP


The Petitioners state that in view of the growing unrest and public protests witnessed across the island, they verily fear that there is a substantial, real and grave threat of a break down in the law and order situation of the Country and a substantial threat to the Rule of Law.


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