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Army sets up brigade in Kinniya

Supun Dias
The Army has established the 224th Brigade in Kinniya to maintain law and order in the area and assist the police following the tense situation that prevailed after the clashes which took place recently.
 “We sent two battalions to assist the police and bring back law and order to the area following these incidents. Still the people continue to react to rumours. So the Army has to be there”, military spokesman Nihal Hapuarachchi said. “But we need an establishment to manage and maintain our operations in the area. The Brigade will be there for a while to assist the police Brigadier Hapuarachchi said the presence of the army had brought back stability and normality to the area and that the two battalions comprising between 1,000 and 1,200 troops who have been deployed in the area would be inducted into the new 224th Brigade.

Last week a tense situation prevailed in Kinniya when a large number of residents surrounded the Kinniya Navy detachment and threatened to overrun it claiming that a ‘grease devil’ was hiding inside the camp.  However 24 suspects were arrested for attacking the police and damaging state property in Kinniya.


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