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Another man is severely assaulted by the Inginiyagala Police

Mr. P W Cyril Sarath Kumara (26) of No: 6 B/59 A, Ambagahawella, Paragahakelle, Ampara, is a farmer by profession.

On 4 April 2011 he was at Ambagahawela, Paragahakelle in the village along with a few other villagers. As it was the New Year celebration period several villagers were playing cards. At around 11pm several police officers including Police Constable (PC) Roshan, Police Sergeant (PS) Lal, Weerakoon , Chaminda, Karu of the Civil Defense Force all attached to the Inginiyagala Police Station arrived and started to brutally assault the persons in that place with batons.
The victims of this assault suffered multiple injuries. Kumara was among the injured. Then the police officers arrested Kumara and six others and brought them to the police stations at about 2.00 a.m. Then they were detained in cells and later officers forced the detainees to sign documents those were not recorded from them. The content of the documents were not explained nor were they allowed to read them.

Then police officers brought all the detainees to Ampara General Hospital at 3.00 am. The officers first went to a lady doctor who was on duty and talked privately. Then the detainees were produced but the doctors did not examine or talk to any of them. The detainees were made to wait two yards away from the doctor. Then Kumara observed that doctor was signing several documents. Later police officers brought all the detainees back to the police station. Before they were taken back Kumara pleaded with the doctor to give some medicine for his injuries as he suffered severe pain. But the doctor shown no interest and kept silent. Kumara learned that doctor worked in connivance with the police officers.

Then at 10.30am Kumara relatives arrived to the police station and he was released after signing for a police bail.

Kumara made a complaint to the Sub Office of the Human Rights Commission at Ampara on the violation of his fundamental rights against the police officers in which he clearly mentioned the names of the perpetrators.

Then as his condition was severe he was admitted to the Ampara General Hospital and doctor advised him to be admitted for further treatment. He was treated there for 2 days and discharged on 6 April 2011.

While he was treated in the hospital two police officers of Inginiyagala Police Station came to him and suggested that they come to a settlement so that he would not to proceed against them. The officers told him that they were ready to pay for medical expenditures. But Kumara refused.

Kumara seeks justice and protection.


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