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Amendments to the voluntary social service act is a warning to Democracy – Free Media Movement

FMM/28March 2018 /Media Communiqué.

Free Media Movement believes that the effort of the government to amend the Voluntary Social Service Act No 30 of 1980 (Voluntary Social Service Act) is a drastic blow to the democracy of Sri Lanka.

Under the proposed new amendment, enjoyment of fundamental democratic values such as freedom association, freedom of peaceful assembly will be challenged. It is evident that the underlying aim of these amendments are to control the activities of civil society organizations and community organizations.

Free Media Movement is expressing its dissatisfaction of initiating such an amendment process without having a dialogue on the matter with civil society organizations. In response to growing protests from the civil society, the government has indicated a willingness on their part to consult civil society representatives on the proposed amendments. We consider this to be a positive sign. It is our expectation that the government would reconsider in withdrawing the amendments from the Voluntary Social Service Act that are damaging to the democratic values of Sri Lanka.

Dileesha Abesundara,



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