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Activist Asela Sampath challenges President Rajapaksa to visit the prison with him to show tortured inmates ( Video)

Image: Asela Sampath, the Convener of the Movement for the Protection of Public Rights.

In a video released from a private hospital, where he is being treated for torture by prison officials, consumer rights activists Asela Sampath has challenged president Rajapaksa to visit Bogamabara prison with him.

Although he was given bail on the 19th he was released only on the 22nd of April.

He describes the torture he underwent within the Bogamabara (Kandy) prison.

At the Pallansena Camp, He was undressed completely and his anus was checked by pushing wooden sticks.

Just before he was transferred to Kandy, he was beaten 5 times on this back with a wooden pole.

In Bogambara prison too he was undressed and a jailer beat him with an S-Lon pipe.

On the 20th morning his toys were beaten with a wooden pole 20 times.

A welfare officer scolded him saying that his mother must have had sex with animals to give birth to him.

His chest was beaten y two wooden poles.

He was threatened that he will be killed by other prisoners.

All these assaults have been confirmed by medical reports.

For 8 inmates only one jug was given to drink water. There were only 4 mats for 8 of them in the cell of 10 X 10 feet. Two buckets were given to use as toilets. No toothbrushes or toothpaste was given.

There were 6 inmates whose legs have been broken by torture with him.  They are in the cells of 2, 3, and 4.

The challenge he poses to the government, the Minister in charge of prisons, and the President are to visit the prison within the next two days to see for themselves the tortured inmates.


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