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Abolish 13 Amendment – Minister Weerawansa

Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities and Leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF), Wimal Weerawansa, has announced that calling for the repeal of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution will be the main theme of his party’s May Day rally this year.

He also said it was his intention to create awareness among the working class that would voice against the formation of another Tamil Eelam in the North. Minister Weerawansa was speaking at a media briefing yesterday to announce his party’s May Day rally programmes.

Elaborating on the 13th Amendment and the Northern Provincial Council elections, Weerawansa said, if the Northern Provincial Council poll was held without any changes made to the 13th Amendment , the creation of another powerful Eelam cannot be prevented.

The minister also warned the main outcome of this election will be the creation of another era of unrest in the North, along with the inculcation of racial ideas in the minds of the general public. “This will also create a situation similar to the 1980s when the Sinhalese and Muslims will be forcefully removed from their habitats,” he said.

The minister expressed his concerns over the powers that would be vested with the Northern Provincial Council and pointed out the excessive powers to the Northern PC will lead to exploitations. He also mentioned the powers to handle land and police will fall into the hands of the Northern Provincial Council. “If we are to protect the unity that our country gained with much difficulty, there are certain steps that needed to be taken,” he said. He opined the 13th Amendment should be abolished, and if the majority in Parliament does not agree, then the government should either remove or modify the clauses that may lead to the formation of a possible second Tamil Eelam. “We are not satisfied with the response of the government with regard to the 13th Amendment, but let us believe the attitude of the government will change,” he added.

Detailing on his party’s May Day rally he said, this year they will be holding the May Day procession and rally independently, with the aim of motivating the working class to go against the formation of a second Tamil Eelam. The procession will commence at the Dematagoda St John’s School playground and will end at the Maligawaththa P.D. Sirisena playground covering the distance of 3 km.

By Sithara Pathirana/CT


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